Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Pre-Launch and Launching Companies

Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to discuss something that I had to decide recently.  As recent as yesterday!

One company I know of and looked in to launched its business in Canada back in December.  This was presented to me as an opportunity from a contact I have through networking.  Since I know my customer base and from past experience, I know what they will and will not buy.  The pricing of products was an issue so that is what stopped me from going any further with this company.

The company that I referred to at the start just launched its business in Canada yesterday.  The price point of products is great and from what I can see, the compensation plan is good too.  You might ask
"Why did you not go forward with the ground floor opportunity?"  My answer is simple.

I decided not to join the company right now.  Since I have never purchased and tried any of their products, I thought how can I recommend and sell them?  I cannot recommend products that I have not used.  Honestly, none of us can.

I've seen a lot of posts on Facebook for businesses launching and recruiting.  None of these doing the recruiting have actually tried or even seen the products.  I don't know how someone can agree to sell something they have never even seen.

Yes getting in on the ground floor would be a great opportunity.  Trying to sell something that everyone is already selling and is highly saturated online is hard.  I was unsuccessful with one such company.  

I cannot in good conscience sell and recommend something that I have no experience with.

I think that waiting a little bit and ordering a couple items to try is the best way to go.  What happens if you signed up to sell something and when your kit came you didn't like the products?  I have a scent sensitivity that influences what products I use, especially on my face.  What if I can't actually use the products?  That's what my thought was.  This is why I didn't hit the button to sign up..... just yet anyway!

My advice ... really think about it before you join the launching company!  Maybe it will work out for you (signing up before trying) but for me, I cannot recommend to friends, family, etc. without using a product.

Until next time ....



  1. Such a great post! I am right there with you. I wanted for 6 months before I started actually selling. I wanted to be completely sure I loved the products first. Spot on!

    1. Waiting is best. Sure others get in on the ground floor but how successful will they be in the long run? I'm looking for long term, not the right here and now! :)

  2. Great advice Carrie for someone looking into a new company.

  3. I agree and love the company I am with. The more I use their product and their business model, the more I love it. Thanks,


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