Wednesday, 11 January 2017

New to Network Marketing?

Hey Guys!

Are you new to Network Marketing?  Are you using social media as a way to reach more people?  A bit of advice that I read this week that I wanted to share with you.

Take some time to review the content that you have posted on your social media accounts.  Does it attract people to you or scare them away? If you have content that is unprofessional, it would be a good idea to clean it up.  Delete posts that you as a business person would not share. 

Have you been in Network Marketing for awhile now?  Look at your social media accounts.  Does it appear to be spammy and all business related?  If you have more posts about your business than about you and your life, it would be a good idea to clean that up too.  Delete posts that are repetitive. 

The general consensus is to be 80/20.  80% personal, quotes and/or funny posts and 20% business.  I actually have gone a little bit further and have about 90 - 95% personal, quotes and funny posts and about 5 - 10% business.  I want people to see me first.  I want them to relate to me.  I am working hard at branding myself.  Everything else will fall into place.

The lesson?  Brand yourself and not the products you sell.  People are always watching.  They see what you are doing online.  What you post can make or break you.  Make sure the content you are sharing will make you!

I wish you all success in your endeavors.

Until next time ....


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  1. 80/20 Great tip! I can't believe how many "professionals" post negative and inappropriate content all day long. Keep it classy and brand YOURSELF!

    1. I know! The stuff that some people post on their pages for everyone to see is horrendous!


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