Thursday, 19 January 2017

Inviting Everyone on Your Friends List to Like your Business Page

Hey Guys!

I've been getting an increase in the amount of requests to like people's business pages.  Most of the time I have never had a conversation with the person or even looked at their page.  Yes we all want to have a lot of likes on our pages but isn't it better to get a genuine like?

I'm not sure what a like to the page does, if anything.  Sure people see how many likes you have, but if you just created the page yesterday and say 500 likes already, don't you think they are going to think something is up? 

I prefer to have that interaction with customers and then have them like and rate my page after the fact.  I know that Facebook allows you to boost this to get more likes.  I've been curious to see what it will do.  I tried it.

Sure it got me a few more likes here and there but did anything ever come of it?  I haven't seen any benefit from it.

My advice:

1)  Concentrate on your networking and having meaningful conversations with your friends.        
2)  Concentrate on being you.  Those likes will come in in no time!  And the best part, they are FREE!

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