Thursday, 26 January 2017

For the Love of Books!

Hey Guys!

I don't know about you but I love to read!  I have quite the library of books going on.  Sometimes I find it hard to chose what book to read next!

Growing up, I was really into the series "The Baby Sitters Club."  I may have just dated myself haha but that's okay. I'm a long time fan of Mary Higgins Clark.  I love her novels.  I also liked John Grisham.  In high school those were the only two authors I read.  I had many novels to choose from that's for sure.  I could devour a book in one to two days tops.  Of course I was still young and living at home so I had none of the adult responsibilities that I do today.  As I got older, I added Janet Evanovich and Nicholas Sparks into the mix.  

Now I read all kinds of authors.  I started reading Young Adult books.  Of course I started with "The Hunger Games" but not until after the first movie came out.  I enjoyed those books.  Next I read the "Divergent" Series.  I really enjoyed those books too.... until the end of the last book.  I promise, no spoilers here.  I read the "Delirium" Series and that wasn't bad.  I stumbled upon a series called "The Selection."  I absolutely loved this series.  I highly recommend it.

I found this neat website called Goodreads to keep track of my reading and the books I want to read.  This has helped me with the Reading Challenge.  At first I was doing a 50 book challenge, but that was too high.  I had to reduce it to 30 but fell short with 20 books read.  Maybe this year I will make it.

I came across a site perhaps on Facebook (?) that you can vote on books for Book of the Year.  This is how I have found quite a few of the books that I want to read.  HCC March Madness is the site for you to check out.  It starts in March.  Runs every year.  You never know, you may find the next book you love.

I've recently signed up for a couple subscription boxes that are Young Adult books.  I've received two boxes from OwlCrate already and the other I am waiting on.  Please check out my YouTube Video to see what my first box was all about.

Happy reading to all my fellow books lovers out there!

Until next time ....


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