Wednesday, 7 December 2016

What is Right for You?

Hey Guys!

I've seen a great deal of posts on Facebook in the recent months of people inquiring about what Direct Sales companies they should join.  It is a valid question. But one that needs to be considered and not taken lightly.

I have been with 3 different companies (well 4 if you count years upon years ago!).  The first one I signed up with was when I was 20.  At that time in my life it just wasn't for me.  My heart just wasn't in it.  I didn't last very long.  This post is not about this experience from years ago.  It is about my recent experience with Direct Selling.

The second company I signed up with in October 2015.  I loved the products (still do) but found it to be a very hard sell due to pricing.  I did manage to get a few customers in the 8 months that I was a consultant.  I lost them when new pricing came into effect.  I felt that it alienated them.  I couldn't sell something that I would not buy.  The second company I joined and am still actively with, I love!  It fits me perfectly.  The third company I am with and just quit, the products are what I am interested in but it's not enough for me to continue.  It's been 3 months.  Live and learn!

The big factor in leaving 2 companies this year was UPLINE!  If you are not on the same page as your upline, it's not going to work.  If you don't agree with their business practices, it's not going to work.  They are supposed to be here to help you succeed.  It shouldn't be about what you can do for them but what they can do for you!  Talk to different people from the same company.  There is no limit to how many you talk to.  Do you click with them?  Do you like how they are running their businesses?  Is it the example you want to follow and learn from?  

Now about the company you are looking into.  Do they sell products that you truly love and personally use?  Your customers and potential customers will see that you love the product and company.  They can tell by watching you. They are watching!

Yes you will have to go outside your comfort zone but don't mistake that with going against your beliefs, your morals and standards.

Choose the company that has the products that interest you.  What I mean by that is if you don't wear makeup, don't choose to go with a company that sells it.  That is unless you are wanting to start fresh and learn about it and use it!  

Check out the company compensation plan!  I just learned this lesson!  Are there reasonable quotas?  Is the compensation plan reasonable?  Is the company willing to help you succeed?  Are you more than a number (both to the company and your upline!!)?  Do your research, ask questions!  If you haven't tried the products, I highly recommend trying them before signing up.  If, in the end you don't like the products, it will be hard for you to sell.

If you make a mistake (like I have), take that as a lesson learned!  Grow from that experience.  

I hope that I have helped you and maybe you can learn from my experiences and mistakes!  I've created a YouTube video (Is Direct Sales Right for You?) with this topic.

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  1. This is so true!!! How many times do people get into Network Marketing because a good friend was doing it? There is more information that should go into the decision. Well done!

  2. Great article with some great tips for anyone wanting to get into Direct Sales.

  3. Great advice about checking out compensation plans. Most people assume that comp plans are fair and honest. This is NOT the case. Most MLM comp plans are rigged in favor of the company and a few at the top. Understanding MLM Comp. Plans...

  4. Great Post Carrie! I think a lot of people get involved before they have really done their homework. I know that's what I did with my first company... it was makeup and I had never worn makeup before in my life! (I had a REALLY hard time with this company because I didn't have a passion for my product) But like you said, things happen and you can always learn from it. :) Keep moving forward and find your passion. This is where success comes from!


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