Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Valuable Business Partners

Hey Guys!

From my recent experience, I wanted to talk briefly about how some are getting business partners (team members or down line) in their businesses.

I have seen some do raffles for starter kits.  This is against most companies policies and procedures.  But that hasn't stopped some.  They continue to do things slyly in order for immediate advancement in the company.

In order to reach the next level in their business, consultants are required to build a team of a certain number under them.  This takes time and effort to legitimately work the business and find those who truly want to join and work the business with you.

Remember your objective as a leader is to teach those under you how to run their businesses like your sponsor taught you.  Sure raffles may give you the immediate boost to your business and promote you within your company, but the long term benefits just won't be there.  Those that won the raffle entered for the products in the kit and most likely not the business.  This kind of success is short lived.

Swapping enrollments is also popular.  This doesn't prove to be effective long term either.  

The best way to build great business partners is to get to know them personally.  Show them by example how fun and rewarding it is to run a business.  They will see from your example how to run a business and they may just want to work with you!  These are the types of business partners you want.  They may not join you right away but they watch you while they try to decide.  Keep being yourself.  You will draw in the right people!

Now I've heard many uplines use the word "coachable."  Yes being coachable is the best way for your potential business partners to be but some uplines want you to abandon your morals.  Someone can be coachable without going against what they believe in.  Be aware that not all coaching and techniques are in lines with company policies and procedures.

All the best to you and your journey!

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